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History and Meaning of Barn Stars
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The History and Meaning of Barn Stars and Their Colors

The History and Meaning of Barn Stars and Their Colors


While this subject is still highly debated, most evidence points to the elaborate "hex-signs" painted on the side of older Dutch and German barns. Hex simply means "witch" in German. These hex designs were elaborately painted multi-directional lines that would intersect and cause the illusion that the sign is multi dimensional. On occasion other signs or ornaments would be painted into the design, such as crosses or birds. Often the signs were painted to ward off evil spirits or to bring good luck to the farm. The use of color was also a significant factor in the design. As time went on, the truely 3-dimensional star arrived. At first, craftsmen would build the stars or "signs" out of wood. The stars would then be painted and hung on the side of barns. This was to ease the effort of painting the star. As time went on, different material was used, finally ending in metal.

Significance of color....

Black: Used for protection. Black is sometimes used for binding or blending elements together.

Red: Red is used to show emotion. These emotions can include passion, charisma, lust, and creativity.

White: Normally used to show purity. Describes energy of the moon and allows energy to flow freely.

Blue: Blue has several meanings varying mostly by the shade used. Examples would include protection, peace, calmness, and spirituality.

Green: Green is used to show growth, fertility, and success. Used also to stimulate ideas and dreams to grow.

Yellow: Show health in body and mind. Love of man and sun. Connection to god.

Brown: Used to show connection to mother earth. Variations in meaning could also indicate brown to mean friendship and strength.

Orange: Gives added energy to projects or matters needing an extra push. Gives abundance in career.

Violet: Gives protection or signifies something sacred.

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